Tang & Song Era Art: Painting, Drawing and Music

Subtopic Ideas

  • inspiration
  • sculptures
  • paintings

Notes - Work in Progress

tang sculpture
tang sculpture

  • sculpures showed graceful lines clearful forms and good proportion
  • many sculptures of .people and very detailed
  • also religois sculpures were created such as the buddah
Cave No. 9, Late Tang
Cave No. 9, Late Tang

  • painters painted emperors and famous battles
  • also paintings from the emperors daily life and actions
  • painters focused on making paintings look very realistic
  • an example is a princess being served by slaves.
five oxen tang painting
five oxen tang painting

  • nature was one of the biggest inspiration in tang song art
  • a painter named Han Kan was famous for painting horses
  • many other painters focused mostly on animals and nature
  • other painters were more interested in painting lanscapes
Tang and Song Music
  • Can be traced 7,000-8,000 years ago
  • Only royal families and diginitary officials enjoyed music
  • The music was made with chimes, bells, flutes, zither and the pipa
  • Dancing and singing entered the main stream from the royal court to the common people
  • Performed in tearooms, theatres and showplaces
  • New types of literature in spired the dancing and music
  • Created folk songs describing everyday life

Final Copy

The Tang and Song art was very interesting in so many ways they painted
and made sculpures of every thing that made them happy. some paintings
that were made by painters were based on inspiration such as animals
landscapes. other painters focused on painting famouse scences from battles
and paintings from the emperores day or life. Another way art was created was
sculptuers most of these sculpturers made of people and the sculptures of people
were very detailed. The Tang and Song art was very interesting and very detailed it
showedd the graceful way of life to them.

The Tang and Song music was different in so many ways. Most of the music
was originally for richer and upper class people. Then, later on in time the
music and dance made an appearence in common families and middle classes.
Based on the music made author and writers made books about the music and
dances. Many different musical insruments appeared during this time some of
which were the pipa, flute, zither, erhu and the horse-headed fiddle. These instruments
were divided into four categories: stringed, percussion, plucked and wind instruments.
Such as today we have musical inspirations and the same four categories. The Tang and
Sond Dynasty music and dance is very interesting.



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