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Li Shimin was the founder of the Tang Dynasty. He was a military genius and his leadership led China to prosperity economically. He also expanded territory and created alliances with his neighbors.
Rise to Power
Li Yuan decreed his eldest son Li Jiancheng, Crown Prince while Li Shimin was endowed the position Prince of Qi. Li Yuanji, Li Shimin's brother was given the position of Prince of Qin. Both of his brothers felt as though Li Shimin was a threat to their positions so they planned to kill him. When Li Shimin learned of this he planned a trap at Xuanwu Gate in 626. It was successful and both Li Liancheng and Li Yuanji were killed and Li Shimin was the sole surviving heir to the Tang dynasty. Li Shimin forced his father to resign the position of emperor and crowned himself Tang Taizong or in English King of Tang.

Rebellion Against the Sui

As the Sui Dynasty reached it's decline, rebellion and peasant uprisings had begun to spring up all throughout China, fueled by the frustration from the constant warfare and heavy taxation from the Sui Dynasty. Tang Taizong, then called Li Shimin, convinced his father, Li Yuan, a general in the Sui army, to rebel against the Sui Dynasty and establish their own. Assisted by the Huns, a former enemy of China, Li Shimin and his father marched to the city of Chang'an, the capital city of the Sui Dynasty, at the head of an army of 30,000 men. Li Shimin and Li Yuan were victorious in the rebellion. When Li Yuan rose to power he made the Sui successor his "puppet emperor" until the "puppet emperor's" father was assassinated. When that happened Li Yuan had the Sui successor killed and crowned himself emperor in 618 A.D.
His Accomplishments as Emperor

Tang Taizong was an exemplary leader of China. He did not put people in the government that he owed favors to, but people who were knowledgeable in the ways of politics. He did this by reestablishing the civil service exam which tested citizens to see if they were apt to have a job in government. Another accomplishment of Tang Taizong was that he created Zu Yong Diao which was a fair taxing system and that improved China's economy. Emperor Taizong also treated the peasants of China fairly which at the same time advanced China agriculturally. He also simplified the bereaucracy which sped up the process of government. Another accomplishment Tang Taizong was that he eliminated the harsh laws of the Sui Dynasty by reforming China's penal code. When he made wars on China's bordering countries he made peace with them by marrying princesses of the Han imperial family to their leaders. An example of this is when Emporer Tang Taizong married Princess Wen Chang to the leader of Tibet, Songstem Gampo.
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