Song Dynasty Food, Cuisine & Restaurants

Subtopic Ideas

  • Tea
  • Vegetables
  • Restaurants
  • Festival Markets
  • Imperial Foods
  • Festival Foods
  • Similarity to Chinese food now
  • Imported Foods
  • Spices used in Song Cuisine
  • Cookery in ancient China
  • Seasoning in Song China
  • Food in Chinese Society


Notes- Work in Progress

  • Important crop during dynasty
  • Tea farms covered 242 countries
  • given very exotic names -
  • It was during this period that tea was first pressed into tea cakes.
Large Dragon tea cake
Fine Silver Sprout
Cloud Leaf
Gold MoneyJade Flower
Inch of Gold
Longevity Sprout
Eternal Spring Jade Leave
Dragon in the Clouds
Longevity Dragon Sprout
Dragon Phoenix and Flower
Eternal Spring Silver Sprout
- Tea shops were vogue
  • Soybeans originated in China. Mung beans (green beans) came from India during the Song Dynasty.
  • Bamboo shoots, mushrooms, wax gourds (winter melons), and vegetable beans
  • chives, radishes, onions, cucumbers, three-colored amaranths, and turnips
  • Jucai, also known as Chinese Leek was very popular
  • Eggplant, cucumbers, spinach, hyacinth beans,sword beans, and lima beans were introduced to China during the Song Dynasty.
-Restaurants were characterized by dooways with floral arches and sometimes half a pig
- Restaurants specialized in special types of cuisine and were expected to cook detailed orders, provide ingredients and serve food items at personalized temperatures
- They served exotic dishes such as roast swan stuffed with humming birds
-Waiters were expected to memorize long detailed orders
- If waiters got the order wrong they would be strongly reprimaded or occasionly fired
- Song Wusao in the Southern Song Dynasty was a famous cook.
- Yi Yin was a famous cook before he became prime minister, originally named Ah Heng.
-"Tang described him as cooking delicious dishes and having the ability to govern the country, so he appointed Yi Yin as his prime minister."
-"Peng Zu, who is called the founder of Chinese cooking, was chef to Emperor Yao around the beginning of the 21st century B.C."
- Peng Zu went on to work in politics.
Spices used in Song Cuisine:
Cookbooks still speak of the basic seasoning ingredients of soy sauce, garlic, pepper, oil, ginger
Food in Chinese Society:
  • "There was a great deal of regional variation in food, although the cuisine does not seem to have changed much in the eight subsequent centuries."
  • "Cookbooks still speak of the basic seasoning ingredients of soy sauce, garlic, pepper, oil, ginger and so forth."
  • The food used in the Song dynasty required a lot transportation to get where it needed to be.
  • Rice and fish were practically flooded into the city daily; Marco Polo was amazed at how much rice and fish was imported in the city every da-
Festival Foods:
-Festivals were created because during the Song Dynasty theres a rising economy
-Song Dynasty Latern festivals were full of food
-Bianjing's food festivals specialized on ornately decorating their stalls.

Final Copy-

Vegetables in the Song Dynasty-
In the Song Dynasty, Vegetables played a huge role in the expansion, trade, and survival. The Chinese used many vegetables including soybeans, which originated in China. Discovering a new vegetable, was easy to trade, and had a high demand. The Chinese also used vegetibles in meals and grew chives, radishes, onions, cucumbers and turnips. Also, during the Song Dynasty, eggplant, cucumbers, soinach, hyacinth beans, sword beans, and lima beans were introduced. Lastly, Chinese Leek was very popular, and was also known as Jacia. Jacia or leek, is a tall green plant and is still used in recipes today all around the world. In conclusion, vegetibles were a huge part of the growth and success of the Song Dynasty. - Ben

external image leek%20bulgarian%20giant.jpg
( LEEK )

Restaurants in the Song Dynasty:
In the Song Dynasty, restaurants were a great place to get together with friends and business partners. Restaurants were characterized by floral arches and sometimes half a pig for luck. They specialized in diverse types of cuisine and were expected to cook detailed orders, provide alien ingredients, and serve food items at personalized temperatures. If the waiters got the order wrong then they would be robustly reprimanded or even possibly fired. Song Wusao, Yi Yin, and Peng Zu were popular cooks during the Song Dynasty. Yi Yun was a celebrated cook before he became the prime minister. Tang described his cooking as delicious and thought he had the ability to govern the country, so he appointed Yi as prime minister. Peng Zu is considered the founder of Chinese cooking was chef to Emperor Yao in the beginning of the 21st century, akin to Yi Yun he also quit to work in politics. During the Song Dynasty restaurants were popular for social gatherings and talented chefs were celebrated.

Tea in the Song Dynasty
In the Song Dynasty, tea was a central crop and an extremely important crop for the economy of the Song Dynasty. Throughout the history of the dynasty, tea farms could be found in over 242 contries. Within these 242 countries tribute tea was harvested, a very expensive tea. This type of tea was only used for special celebrations or events. Tea was thought as elegant in some cases; this could be the explanation for why the tea was given very exotic names. During this time that tea was a very important and craved crop, a delicasy was born. During the Song Dynasty, tea was pressed into cakes for the first time, to make tea cakes. These cakes were engraved with very interesting patterns, such as the Jade Flower and Longevity Sprout patterns. Without tea, the Song Dynasty would not have been prosporous because tea was such an essential part of their trade. -Matt

(Tea Farm)

external image Fuji_Tea_Farm.jpg


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