Chinese Gunpowder and Rockets

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  • Rockets were used as intimidation and entertainment as fireworks
  • Later, rocket's design changed and they were attached te spears and fired at the enemy
  • rockets were used in war and to start fires
  • dragon-shaped
  • gunpowder- treated shin diseases- before being a weapon
  • gunpowder- to kill insects- before being a weapon
  • Gunpowder-propel rockets
  • gunpowder- canons and bombs (military)

What gunpowder and rockets were made of.
  • gunpowder- sulfer, charcoal, and saltpeter mixed together
  • rocket- tube of gunpowder attached to an arrow
  • arrow of the rocket- first bamboo, them metal or bronze

Discovery of gunpowder and rockets and why they were invented
  • Gun powder was first discovered when Chinese alchemists were trying to make a magic elixer that gave you eternal life. They mixed sulfer, charcoal, and saltpeter together and discovered that it made birght sparks.
  • When the Chinese lit sulfer, charcoal, and saltpeter together it expolded and burnt their faces and burnt down their houses.
  • Rockets were invented when tubes of gunpowder were attacked to bamboo and shot with a bow. Then they figured out that the rockets could launch themselves with the power of the excaping gas.
  • Some Chinese heated sulfer, saltpeter, the carbon of charcoal, and honey together and made smoke and flames that burnt their faces and burnt down their houses.

Different rockets
  • There were several attempts to make fireworks like China's in the early 1900's, the result of which were the "Mandarin Cracker" and the "Lady Cracker" two red less than inch long fire crackers but were not as successful as the chinese rockets.
  • The first rocket used in battle was a simple rocket attached to a spear and fired at the enemy.
  • The ming dynasty developed the two new types of rockets.
  • Later the multi-stage rocket, or the "Fire Dragon Out of the Water", a 1.65 meter long tube with a dragon design that had multiple fire arrows inside, which were attached to rockets. The arrows were lit, and then the entire rocket was shot into the air. This rocket took about 750 g of gunpowder and fired from 1.3 to 1.9 kilometers
  • The bi-directional or, the flying sky sand tube was a rocket that was fired in one direction by a first rocket, that it was shot back in a different direction.

Final Copy

Abby, John, Henry, and Andrew
Gunpowder and rockets were two of China's important inventions. These two inventions greatly improved their military skills, but were used for much more than war. Gunpowder led to many more inventions and rockets were designed in different ways.
Different rockets

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Modern rockets are far more complex than the ancient Chinese ones, but before the late 20th century, the ancient chinese rockets were unsurpassed in desing, use and capability. The Ming Dynasty was known for developing new types of rockets, before the Ming Dynasty, there were only rockets attached to arrows and spears. They developed much more complex and powerful than the previous types of rockets. That, a rocket called the flying sky sand tube was made, it was a bi-directional, which allowed the rocket fly in one direction at first, but than changed direction and flew another way after a different rocket was launched. There was also the multi-stage rocket, or the"Fire Dragon Out of Water" a 1.65 meter long tube with a dragon design on the outside.Inside the tube were arrows attached to more rockets. This was a useful weapon for the Chinese for land and sea warfare.

Discovery of gunpowder and rockets
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Gunpowder the heart of of rockets was discovered by Chinese alchemests when they were trying to make a potion to give eternal life. They mixed sulfer, charcoal, and saltpeter together and found that it burt their faces and their houses down. This discovery lead to the creation to of of bamboo rockets that were attached to a bow and shot off. Over the years the Chinese had refined their rockets. They discovered that if they made the hole at the end of the rocket where the gases escaped they could increase the pressure therefor increasing the thrust that rocket produced.

What gunpowder and rockets are made of
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The gunpowder the Chinese made was a mixture of sulfer, charcoal, and saltpeter mixed together. When the three ingredients were lit together, they exploded. A Chinese rocket was made of gunpowder in a tube attached to a long thin arrow or attached to a spear. The first arrows were made of bamboo. Later, the arrows were made or bronze or metal.

The rocket was first made to be fire works. As time went on how ever the rocket uses change. It was still used for fire works but they were now being used in wars. The first war rocket was nothing more then a rocket attached to a spear. Over the next

Uses of gunpowder and rockets
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This is a display of fireworks, one of the uses of gunpowder. Chinese gunpowder and rockets were used in many different ways. When gunpowder was being invented, its intention was to be used for eternal life. When that did not work, it was first used to treat skin deseases and kill insects. Then, gunpowder was used for military purposes when they found that it exploded and burnt. The Chinese put gunpowder in bombs and cannons and used it to propel their rockets. Gunpowder and rockets were both used used for entertainment as fireworks. The Chinese used rockets in war for intimidation and as weapons. Rockets were also used to start fires. The Chinese used thier inventions of gunpowder and rockets in war, medician, and entertainment.