Chinese Civil Service Exam

  • Competitive Exam
  • Good score=Good gov't job
  • Provided stability to China for 2,000 years
  • Social Mobility (Move from being a Peasant to Gentry if you did well on exam)
  • Influenced other countries in Asia and Europe
  • Helped create the civil service exam in other countries
  • Emperors realized they needed bureaucrats (gov't workers) to rule China
  • If you did good o nthe exam, you were known as a buraucrat
  • It began around the sixth century
  • Were tested on the sixstudies- music, archery, horsemanship, arithmetic, writing, and knowledge of the rituals and ceremonies of both private and public life
  • Between 200bce-200ce the curriculum expanded to the five studies- military stragities, civil law, taxation, agriculture, geography including confucian classics