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Buddhism originated in India and moved from country to country as more people believed that Buddhism was a better religion to be apart of. As the teachings of Buddhism was spread, the religion was able to continue as a strong religion. In most of the countries that Buddhism spread to, a lot of the men and women would leave their homes and families to live in monasteries and became monks and nuns.

Siddhartha Guatama
The first Buddha, Siddhartha Guatama, was the prince of the Shakyas. Siddhartha's mother died seven days after giving borth to her son, so Siddhartha went to live with his aunt. As he began to grow older his father was informed by his aunt that he would either become a great King or a savior of Humanity. After hearing this, Siddhartha went to live with his father and was sheltered from all of the suffering and dieing in the world. One day Siddhartha was taken to see only the healthy citizens, but was distracted by two men who when spotted, ran away. Siddhartha chased after them and came upon very ill people and a funeral. At the age of twenty-nine, Siddhartha finally realized that he was not happy, so he left his family that night. he studied with two Gurus, but was disapionted with their teachings, so he left them. For the next six years, he practiced austeries with five ascertics. These people became Siddhartha's followers and eventually left him when he drank, ate, and bathed. Later on he sat under a fig tree, now called the Bodhi Tree, in deep consentration, mindful meditation, and then tried to open himself to the truth. Siddhartha sat for many days, not eating, drinking, or bathing because he was desperately trying to find the answer to suffering. Siddhartha officialy became the Buddha on the full moon of May. A man named Mara tried to stop Siddhartha from becoming the Buddha. Siddhartha was able to stay calm while Mara continued tempting him to leave his seat under the tree. Siddhartha refused to leave.
Now as the Buddha, Siddhartha had to full fill his need in the world. The king of the gods told Siddhartha that it was his responsibility to teach the people about Buddhism and his discovery of how to prevent suffering. Along his journey, Siddhartha came across the five ascertics who became his followers once again. This created the community of monks, Sangha. King Bimbisara donated a monsestary to Siddhartha, along with other gifts, so that he could continue with his teachings. His son, wife, and aunt all became followers of Siddhartha. His son became a monk, and his wife and aunt became the first buddha nuns. Siddhartha's father grew unhappy because he lost his son and grandson to the monastic life. Siddhartha agreed to his father's suggestion that permission must be granted by the father inorder to become a monk or buddha nun. Sadly, Siddhartha died at the age of eighty under a grove/sala tree during deep meditation after eating spoiled food. Although Siddhartha was no longer around to spread his teachings, the religion of Buddhism became so strong that it spread on after he was gone.
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Siddhartha Guatama and Bodhi Tree

The History of Buddhism
The history of Buddhism was first discovered and created over two thousand years ago. Buddhism was first created around the year of 580 B.C. Siddharth Guatama was the first Buddha, but he was influenced by the Hindus of how to create the idea of Buddhism. In the Ayran period the Hindus began to become bored of recartion which was what they believed in. Recarnation was basically a religion where you believed that once you died you would come back to live as something else. Well since that the Hindus were getting bored of the religion they stopped practicing it and tried to look for a loop hole. A young Indian prince, Siddharth Guatama, also was getting bored of recarnation and started to come up with the idea that if you were god enough and pure enough than you get off the wheel of recarnation. Once he discovered this new idea he refused to be prince anymore and ran away to become better and pure so he could get off the wheel of recarnation. After a short period of time everyone started to adapt to this new religion of trying to become pure and good, so Siddharth Guatama became Guatama Buddha. Buddha means to awake or enlighten. This new reigion became very popular in India. In fact it became so popular that some women and men left their own jobs and families to go and live in a monastery and become monks and nuns. At the time that Guatama was living most of the Buddhists lived in India. But once when Guatama sadly passed away the religion still went on, and spread and became a lot stronger. As it grew stronger it spread into east China, and it became much more popular than it ever had been in India. Once it had gotten to be so big some of the Buddhists went to China, but most of them stayed in India and went back to being Hindus. Buddhism was a main religion practiced back then, and it is still a main religion in many different countries all over the world.

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The Siddharth Guatama and a statue of a Buddha on the grounds of the Kotokuin Temple in Japan.

Buddhism Today
Buddism today, is found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Japan and China. Also in some parts of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, parts of European counrties and the United States. Most people believe that the population of Buddhism in the world is over 500 million. Buddha's three teaching principles are Sila, Samadhi, and Panna. The principle Sila is the development of mortality. Samadhi is the tool to purify the mind in order to see its nature and Panna is wisdom or enlightenment. There are four different types of Buddhism. First there is authentic Buddism,the education of understanding the true face in life. The second is religious Buddhism. At first Buddhism was not a religion, know ti is one. The third type is the philosophical study of Buddhism. Many universities today open courses on the study of Buddhist Sutras. Finally, the fourth type is deviant and externalist of Buddhism.These four types of Buddism exist today in our sociey and we should recognize them as they are which would benefit us all. Many people are wanting to learn the philosophy of Buddhism because they are over stressed and have anxiety and want to meditate to relax. There are many books written about Buddhism today and also books for meditation.
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Pure Land Buddhism Gautama Buddha
Amitabdha Buddha

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